What is the Form 1095?

The form 1095 is a tax form that is sent to you in the beginning of the calendar year for the year prior. This serves as proof to the IRS that you had affordable insurance available to you throughout the year. There are three versions of the form (1095A, 1095B, and 1095C). Version C is issued by Applicable Large Employers (50+ employees).

What does it look like?

Please see an example of this form here.

What do I do with it?

You will use this form as a part of your tax filing process, just as you use a W-2, 1099, or any other tax form. You do not need to submit it with your tax form (1040, 1040A or 1040EZ).

When will I get it?

You should receive this form by the beginning of March. If you haven’t received it by this time, please reach out to your Payroll or Human Resources representative.

Who gets it?

Generally, everyone enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan will receive a 1095B form, and employees who are full-time and regularly scheduled to work thirty (30) or more hours per week for an Applicable Large Employer will receive the 1095C form. Variable hour employees within an initial measurement period and employees who are part-time, regularly scheduled for twenty-nine hours or less per week will not receive this form. An Applicable Large Employer is a company who employs an average of 50 or more Full Time Equivalent employees.

I received my 1095. What do I do with it?

You can use the information in the form to complete your tax filing.

I received my 1095, but lost it, what do I do?

Please reach out to your payroll department for a copy.

I changed jobs this past year, what happens then?

Just like a W-2, you will receive this form from all employers where you were employed during the year, so long as they are subject to the filing (had 50 or more employees). Please be sure to update your address information with all former employers to ensure that you receive the form.

I’m not covered by my employer’s medical plan. Will I still receive one?

Yes. If your employer is subject to this requirement, they must report this information for all employees.

Will I get a 1095-C for each of my dependents enrolled in the plan?

No. The form will only be issued to employees of the Applicable Large Employer.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

Please feel free to reach out to your payroll, Human Resources, or Vita representative if you have questions.

Where do I go if I want to learn more about this?

For more information on these filings, please visit the IRS website here