The purpose of an HRA Plan is to allow for reimbursement of certain health expenses for plan participants and their eligible dependents. Reimbursement limits are outlined in your Plan Fact Sheet which can be accessed via the Vita Flex consumer portal at Reimbursements of health expenses paid by the HRA Plan generally are excluded from your taxable income. 

If you qualify for the HRA offered by your employer, an account will be set up for you by your employer. The plan is funded by your employer out of the company’s general assets. Your HRA is a notional account. While an accounting of your balance is kept, there are no actual deposits made to an actual account on your behalf. Funds are not set up in trust and there is no separate fund from which benefits are paid. 

The HRA Plan will reimburse you for eligible health care expenses to the extent that you have a positive balance in your HRA account.

Filing HRA Claims

To file a claim online, log in to the Vita Flex Consumer Portal at

On the home page, select the blue File a Claim button. This is found under the "I want to …" section.

Next, choose the Medical option. This selection is correct even if the expense subtype is dental or vision related. There will be an option later to select the specific subtype of medical claim. 

After initiating the File a Claim process, you will be asked to submit supporting documentation. Documentation must contain the following requirements to be considered sufficient: 

  • Provider's Name
  • Patient's Name
  • Date of Service
  • Service Provided
  • Amount Due
  • Insurance Payments (if any)

Claims may also be submitted via email or standard mail. For these methods, a signed claim form is required as well as additional documentation.

Required Documentation

Your claim must be accompanied by documentation to substantiate your medical expenses. This may include an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company, bills, invoices, or other statements from an independent third party (e.g., a hospital, physician, or pharmacy) showing that the expense has been incurred and is showing the amounts as payable.

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