Card Renewal Timing 

Pre-tax debit cards are reissued every three years. Once you are issued a Vita Flex debit card, that debit card will remain in place for any plan years that you enroll in pre-tax benefits over the subsequent three years—even if you do not participate for one year.

Cost for New Card

If you need a replacement card before the original expiration date, would like an additional card, or would like a debit card issued in your dependent's name, there is a $10 issue fee that is applied to your current account balance. This fee is applied for any reissue reason, except renewal. 

How do I order a new card?

Below are instructions to order a replacement card online:

  • Log in to

  • Navigate to the "Accounts" tab

  • Select "Banking Cards" under the Profile column

  • Select "Report Lost/Stolen" or "Order Replacement" 

How do I order a card for my dependent?

If you would like to order a card in your dependent's name, you must first add your dependent to your profile. Then, follow the same process as outlined above. When your dependent is listed, there will be an option to order an additional card for them.