My Card Just Arrived


When your card arrives in the mail, it is active and available for immediate use. Unlike a credit card, there is no need to make a call to activate the card.

If you have received a new set of debit cards due to your employer sponsored HSA transitioning to an individual HSA, you will need to log into your member portal and agree to the HSA Terms of Service (TOS) before your debit cards will work.



Is it a credit card or a debit card? 


You can use the card as a credit or debit card. It will default to a credit card, but if you prefer to use it as a debit card, you can call to set up a PIN. You may call (866) 898‑9795 and follow the prompts to set up a PIN. Most often, the card can be run as credit with no PIN needed.



One Card with Several Pre-Tax Accounts


If you have multiple Vita Flex pre-tax accounts, they will all be linked to one Vita Flex card. The Vita Flex debit card is a smart card, and based on the merchant ID when the card is used, the Vita Flex system will direct the card to pull funds from the appropriate balance. To check if your employer provides a debit card, you may reference the Plan Summary through your Vita Flex consumer portal.


Note that Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts cannot be linked to your card. Dependent care accounts are reimbursement-only accounts.



How many cards will I receive?


By default, two cards are issued in the employee’s name. You may pay for eligible expenses for your dependents from the card with the employee’s name on it. However, if you prefer to have a card with your dependent’s name on it, you can request a customized card. Debit cards can only be ordered for dependents who are age 18 and over. To do so, add your dependent to your account profile and indicate that you would like to order a card in their name. There is a $10 charge for any customized print or replacement card. Such a charge will be deducted directly from your account balance. 



Do I get a new card every year?


No. New cards are issued every three years. It is important to keep your card through this period. If you accidentally lose or throw away your card within the three-year period, you will need to pay for replacement cards.



What does the mailing look like?


Keep an eye out for the following materials in the mail. They are often missed or treated as SPAM.


The materials look like this:


Debit Card Envelope


Debit Card








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