You can set aside pre-tax payroll deductions to pay for eligible commuting expenses. Typically, you will receive a debit card that will be loaded with funds each pay period (or each month) for your elected transit and/or parking amounts. Elections may be modified at any time throughout the year and are typically effective the month following the date of the election change.



Plan Provisions: 2024






Monthly Pre-Tax Maximum





You may elect above the pre-tax maximum as an after-tax expense.


Eligible Expenses

  • Train and subway
  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Eligible Vanpool
  • Parking near office
  • Parking near mass transit for commute to work
  • Bicycle storage
  • Bicycle maintenance

Accessing Funds

Debit card only

Debit card or submit expenses for reimbursement online at within 60 days of the expense date

Submit expenses for reimbursement online at within 60 days of the expense date



Employer Subsidies

Some employers provide a subsidy for transit and parking benefits. Other employers simply provide you the opportunity to save taxes on the money you pay for transit and parking benefits. Bicycle benefits (if they are provided) are always 100% paid by the employer and reimbursements are issued on a taxable basis.



Special Note for Caltrain and BART Riders

Due to Federal regulations, your debit card will not work at Caltrain and BART terminals. You will need to use your debit card to fund your Clipper card via

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